Artistic Director

Levan Tsuladze

Artistic Director

The way out of the desperate situation is work!

You can easily observe the signs of relationship, jocosity and credibillity in Levan - something vague, native... This must be the reason, why he will never fall in love with another city. Never depressed or disobeyed, never in expectations of supernatural support... In the hardest times he hurries away on the rehearsal. This solution gives him inducement and invisible power, rather than lost opportunity as it often incurs to people.

Never gratified with achievement; on the contrary - always in the process of exploration - "...whereas business and industry escape liability and leave, that opportunity must be found by theatre..."

Detected four spaces: "The First Independant Theatre "The Basement Theatre on Rustaveli" and "The Basement Theatre in Vake" and two spaces while being Artistic Director of Marjanishvili Theatre - "The Roof" and "The Basement". Next space will be in cosmos, he says...

Levan Tsuladze graduated from Tbilisi State Institute of Theater and Cinema in 1982. He graduated from professor Mikhail Tumanishvili's class of stage directing. After the graduation, he staged in leading State Theaters in Georgia but soon together with colleagues created the first independent theater in Georgia - THE BASEMENT THEATER and for years worked only there.
In 2006, Levan Tsuladze was appointed an artistic director of the Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre. This new period of prominent theater started with his new productions and artistic policy.

The recognized leader of Georgian Theatre at present, one of the most successful, creative, highly acclaimed stage directors, who truly changes and develops theater in most interesting way - has produced more than 40 performances in different cities and Theaters of Georgia. 

Amongst them:

"Carmen"  Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy , 2017
• "Bakula's pigs" after Davit Kldiashvili, 2017
•"The Star without name" Ana kozakova (after Mikhail Sebastian)  2016
•"Begalut - in exile" story based on several fragments from Shalom Aleichem's and Guram Batiashvili's novels 2016 
•"The Mad Man's Diary" Nikolai Gogol, 2014 
•"Drunk Cherry" Author of the text and Director, 2013
•"Tartuffe" Molière, 2013
• "University of Laugh" Koki Mitani,  2011
• ”As You Like It” William Shakespeare, Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre, Premiere was held in Shakespeare’s Globe To Globe Theatre in  May  2012
• “Il Decameron” Giovanni Boccaccio, 2011
• “Lady with a Dog” After Anton Chekhov story “Lady with a Dog”,   2009
• “Le Ronde” Arthur Schnitzler, 2007
• “Kakutsa Cholokashvili “Guram Kartvelishvili , 2006

The performances in the Basement Theatre:

• “The Other Moon” Levan Tsuladze  -  2005
• “The Snake – Eater”   after Vaja –Pshavela  poem the “Snake-Eater” -  2005
• “Khanuma”  Avksenti Tsagareli – 2004
• “The Merchant of Venice”  William Shakespeare – 2002
• “Metamorphosis”  France Kafka  -  2001
•  “Wedding of Figaro” Pierre Beaumarchais-  2001
• “Faust”  Goethe  -  2000
• “The Three Penny Opera”  Berthold Brecht  -  1998


2011 - Azerbaijan, Baku National Theatre, performance “Don Juan or Love of Geometry”Max Frisch
2011 - Macedonia, Skopje, Macedonian National Theatre, performance “The Marriage of Figaro”Pierre Beaumarchais
2011 – Joint Project - Mercury Theatre, Colchester (UK) and Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre (Georgia) "Captain Corelli's Mandolin"Louis de Bernières
2012 -  UK, Festival "Globe to Globe" , performance "As you like it"William Shakespeare
2014 - Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre and Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione Co-Production (GEORGIA - ITALY), "The Mad Man's Diary"Nikolai Gogol
2015 – Greece, Athens, Anesis Theatre, performance "Crime and Punishment"Fyodor Dostoyevsky


2016 - "Athinorama" Award 2016, Best Director Levan Tsuladze 'Crime and Punishment', Anesis Theatre, Athens, Greece
2015 - National Award for the performance "As You Like It"William Shakespeare
2015 - Independent Theater award “DURUJI” for best directing, performance "The Mad Man's Diary", Nikolai Gogol
2013 - Award of Excellence
2012 - Prize of Theater Union (Georgia) for best directing.  Performance "University of Laugh", Koki Mitani
2011 - Independent Theater award “DURUJI” for best directing, performance "University of Laugh"Koki Mitani
2009 - Independent Theater award “DURUJI” for best directing, performance "Lady With a Dog"Anton Chekhov
2008 - Kote Marjanishvili award  for performance "Kvarkvare" (Rustavi Municipal Theatre), for the best stage direction
2006 - Presidential "Medal of Honor" for achievements  in theater
2005 - Prize of Theater Union (Georgia)  for best directing,  performance "Khanuma"

The performances of Levan Tsuladze were invited to different Festivals and toured in UK, Germany, Italy, Yugoslavia, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus Romania, Israel, Bulgaria, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, USA, France, Korea and Tunis with big success.