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One of the most revered theatres in Georgia, itself one of the world’s great theatre cultures, the Marjanishvili was founded in 1928 by a famous Georgian Stage Director Kote Marjanishvili.

“The aim of art is very simple -  to bring happiness and instill courage “ – Kote Marjanishvili based his concept of new theatre on new drama and classics, unique ensemble of artists and new technologies by that time.


With the roots in glorious past, Marjanishvili’s present is determined by several factors:  one of the most distinguished leaders of contemporary Georgian Culture - artistic director Levan Tsuladze and  the team around him;  public oriented repertory strategy  and the constant search for new contemporary theatre language.


Marjanishvili Theatre premieres a minimum of ten shows per season alongside a repertoire of over 30 existing productions.. We work on three stages  -  Big, “Attic” and “the  Basement” with 50 000 spectators every season. The repertoire presents the classics of world literature alongside with the contemporary drama. Georgian classics and modern playwriting is a key component to Theatre.


Theatre is evolving  and attractive to all generations of society,  not only by creative degree and quality, but also with its active social position.

In the times, when digital technology takes leadership in society, Levan Tsuladze with his artistic team, suggests that stage, as  “now and here” fundamental  already for 25 centuries , is not only primary today , but also extensively needed . In new world,  structured lives and systemized or diversified with technologies world,  “live process” gets unique importance;  What happens here and now, will never happen anywhere any other time; Marjanishvili is vivid Theatre -  accumulator of  live and active processes, pulling in professionals and audience; Marjanishvili is a theatre that almost a century  breathes with the time and reflects it; 


Marjanishvili appears regularly at theatre festivals all over the world with success. We are members of European Theatre convention and hub young generation of artists.


We are connected with co-productions and exchanges to Theaters and artists in UK, Italy, Greece, Poland, Azerbaijan, Germany, Ukraine, Macedonia and Israel.


The Theatre is a hub for intellectuals with different lectures, regular speeches and live exhibitions. We regularly host and participate in presentation of new plays, poetry readings, exhibitions and concerts;


The Theatre was a guest of festivals and toured several of its performances in UK, GERMANY, ITALY, CHINA, TURKEY, POLAND, USA, ROMANIA, TUNISIA, ISRAEL, INDIA and many other countries in the world.


We stimulate artists. We build knowledge and emotion, we offer unique experience and inspire audiences.



Technical Data

Technical Data

For the information on the technical data for the big stage click here
In the file you can find following information:

                 Backstage Plans
                 Lighting Plans
                 Moving Bars Plan
                 Stage Plan (Height – 18 m; Depth - 24 m; Length – 14 m; Stage mirror– 10,5 m)
                 Orchestral pit is in 3 pieces
                 7 LX Bar, 28 Flying Bar
                 Sound Plans


Stage Rent

Stage Rent

Big Stage To see the plan house Plans for audience Click Here

Small Stage To see the plan house Plans for audience Click Here


Stage Rent from 12:00 till the end of the Show (including WAT)   :

Big Stage - 8,000 Lari

Small Stage - 1,500 Lari


Number of the Seats:

Big Stage- 436 Seats

Small Stage –102 Seats



For more information Contact us:

+995 322 95 35 82