Somewhere in America

Big Stage

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Begining at: 20:00

Alexandre Narsia's ,,Minimes" had been used in the play
Edited version of the play: by the participating actors

Director - Ketevan Kharshiladze-Ussery
Scenography - Levan Tsuladze, Avto Diasamidze
Costume designer - Oliko Beradze
Musical arrangement - Zura Gagloshvili
Choreography - Tinatin Tsuladze
Vidoeinstallation  - Davit Dvalishvili
Assistant director - Lika Mamiashvili
Actors and performers:
Omma - Nani Chikvinidze
Lia - Nino Gomarteli
Eva - Nino Dumbadze
Max - Dimitri Tatishchevili
Nana - Ia Shughliashvili
Gyar, Thom - Onise Oniani
Nellie - Irma Beryanidze
Taso - Lile Filfani
Nina - Ketevan Gegeshidze
Katya - Maya Katsitadze
Contributors to the performance:
Head of the Department of Civil Engineering - Archil Dvalishvili
Sound director- Lia Shilakadze
Lighting designer - Kakha Mumladze, Tamaz Dudashvili, Kakha Tsiklauri
Tailors - Ketevan Jibladze, Ketevan Tserodze
Dressers - Ketevan Mamoiani, Lela Beselia
Set designer - Nino Mchedlidze
Make-up artist - Marina Kosenko
Supply service - Irakli Chumburidze, Giorgi Butliashvili
Stage engineer - Giorgi Wisznewski, Lasha Papiashvili, Tengiz Kerdikhoshvili
Artist/decorator - Kakha Ghonghadze
Props - Madelena Bukhrashvili
Carpenter - Revaz Kupradze
Carpenter, welder - Malkhaz Dzaganishvili

About Performance:
The play tells the story of the Georgian women who had to leave Georgia and move to the United States for personal or economic reasons.
The main characters are the Georgian woman, Lia, who wants to get a legal residence permit in America, and the elderly American lady, Omma, who wants to spend her last years with her loved ones.
The attitudes of these two different personalities, their bittersweet friendship, dialogues mixed with humor, and the ups and downs of other American and Georgian characters will introduce the audience to the illegal immigrant's life.
The show gives us a real-life picture of how these two people, of completely different backgrounds and cultures, make an attempt at material or psychological self-preservation. 
On the one hand, the play entertains the audience, making them a part of the adventures of the characters. On the other hand, it makes the audience aware of the dangers of forced immigration from Georgia.

Starts at 20:00

Date of Premiere: November 16, 2022
Duration - 
140 minutes,  with one intermission
Ticket price - 25 GEL, balcony - 15 GEL