The Star Without a Name

Big Stage

Ana Kozakova (After Mihail Sebastian)

Directed by Levan Tsuladze
Translated by  Nino Kantidze 
Costumes Designer - Nino Surguladze
Music Adapted by Zura Gagloshvili
Choreographer - Gia Marghania
Assistants to Director - Nino Kalandadze

Teacher  -  Nika Kuchava
Mona – Anka Vasadze
Udria – Konstantin Roinishvili
Grigi – Demetre sxirtladze
Madmuzel Kuku -  Manana Kozakova

About performance:
The story happens in small provincial town -  in such places people establish moral and social rules themselves and follow the rules without even thinking to open horizon.  life is short – it is for love and breaking the limits. And one day -  it happens !  The life of the city people change and for ever
“...I have a feeling that what happened here happened in a far, remote place, not here, not in our world;  say -  on the moon... "

Levan Tsuladze, stage director
Performance staged In memory of Mikhail Kozakov

Date of Premiere:  January 23, 2016
Duration: 135 minutes, with one intermission

Ticket Price:  Parterre - 25 GEL
                       Balcony - 15 Gel