Big Stage

William Shakespeare

Director - Levan Tsuladze
Text Adaptor - Lasha Bugadze
Composer - Vakhtang Kakhidze
Choreographer - Giorgi Margania  
Costumes Designer - Nino Surguladze
Assistant to Director - Nino Jorjoliani

Manana Kozakova – Audrey
Nato Kakhidze / Ana Grigolia – Celia
Ketevan Shatirishvili / Anka Vasadze – Rosalind
Ketevan Tskhakaia – Adam
Nata Murvanidze – Jaques
Tamar Bukhnikashvili – Phebe
Nikoloz Tavadze – Oliver
Jaba (George) Kiladze – Touchstone
Beso Baratashvili – Duke Frederick / Exiled Duke Senior
Davit Khurtsilava – Corin
Nika Kuchava – Orlando
Zurab Berikashvili – Silvius
Roland Okropiridze – Charley / Amiens
Onise Oniani - Le Beau

About Performance:
Shakespeare’s story of the enmity and love between two brothers. It’s a story about how life can suddenly change at a glance; a story full of lovers, animals, poetry and love flourishing deep within a forest...

Some people believe that AS YOU LIKE IT is Shakespeare’s least Shakespearean play, while others argue that it is the source of everything he wrote afterwards, a prefiguring of the themes and stories that would dominate the rest of his career.
Here, you can see not only a prototype Hamlet, but also the melancholic heroes of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, as well as wise semi-divine creatures like Prospero. And it’s a play that has echoes of the mysteries of the medieval period, as well as the buffoonery performed in the city centers at the time, as well as its influences – and those it would influence. Like a mirror, one can see in the play the ghosts of Aristophanes, Dante and even Chekhov and Brecht.

„If all the theatre in Georgia comes anywhere close to the standard of the Marjanishvili company, then the job of theatre critic there must be the most covetable in the land. At the end of its irresistible As You Like It, they got a standing ovation (at least from those not on their feet already). Its conception of Arden is of a small, makeshift stage – theatre within theatre. Throughout, you see the cast offstage: their camaraderie, chess games, squabbles, vanities. It's charming but also fitting, because As You Like It is partly about escape as a means to self-knowledge." - kate kellaway

"...Imagine a deconstructed Shakespeare built around a small stage, with the actors and their costumes jumping on to play their parts, then returning to the sidelines to relax, play chess, gossip, try on their costumes, flirt with each other and wait for their next entrance.  Sometimes they prompt each other when lines go missing; sometimes they act as a human trampoline during stage fights; sometimes they supply props or sprinkle their fellow actors with leaves.  It's a wonderfully creative and playful way of dissolving the boundaries between 'on stage' and 'off stage'. "


Date of Premiere: May 18, 2012
Duration: 125 minutes, with one intermission
Ticket Price:
19 GEL / 16 GEL - Parterre
14 GEL / 12 GEL / 8 GEL - Balcony
Tours In: UK, Germany, Turkey, India, Romania, Poland, Serbia, Israel, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, China.
On Tour 2017: Costa Rica, Central America  

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