Big Stage

Author of the text and Directors - Levan Tsuladze, Alexandre Eloshvili
Designer - Nino Surguladze
Sets Designer - Levan Tsuladze
Choreographer - Gia Marghania
Assistant to Director - Nino Kalandadze

Eka Chkheidze, Zaza Iakashvili / Davit Khakhidze,  Manana Kozakova, Barbare Dvalishvili, Zaza Goguadze, Dato Khurtsilava, Keti Tskhakaia,
Onise Oniani, Nodar Dogonadze, Zura Berikashvili, Paata Inauri, Nino Gachechiladze, Nino Tsuladze, Zaza Salia

About Performance:

It ‘s as story about two lonely souls.  Yes there is a common meeting place – Bar “Drunk Cherry”.
This is a restaurant staff which serves people with sweets.
They are lonely, spending the whole days on speaking and arguing… The fear of losing something special and important follows them every day.
This is not a performance, this is a “bakery” with different ingredients as emotions in it – sometimes its sweet, and sometimes it’s chilly.

And in this process two lonely souls meet each other.  Different and alike at the same time, they often quarrel… This quarrel overgrows in love… Love that comes to you only once in your lifetime…

Performance was supported by the Company "NESCAFE"

Premiera date: October 19, 2013
Duration: 150 minutes,  with one intermission
Ticket Price : 19,14,12, 8 GEL