University of Laugh

Big Stage

Kōki Mitani

Translated by Nino Kantidze
Director - Levan Tsuladze
Assistant to Director - Temo Kuprava
Scenography - Levan Tsuladze
Costumes Designer - Nino Surguladze
Music Adapted by Zurab Gagloshvili
Technical Director - Nino Jorjoliani

Neo - 
Nato Murvanidze
Tsubaki - Nika Kuchava

Special Thanks to JTI Group of Companies for generous support

About Performance:
Full of humor, the play gets us into a very interesting world of theatre. Tsubak – the writer - writes comedies only. He works in a theatre that is called “Academy of Laugh”. He needs
to get permission for his new comedy that will open a season in Theatre. Neo is censor. She was appointed recently.
Before that, she was a leader of labor movement in Manjuria. The performance shows us the 7 days relationship of writer and censor. Everything happens in an office of censor, which is full of banned plays. They are marked with red notes. The play is about the relationship of censor and play-writer.

 “Full of humor, the play gets us into a very interesting world of theatre…”
“…You are involuntarily involved in the action, and start thinking about your own personal choices.”
“ - this is not something that can be told in an article. This is something that everyone should see, feel and experience for him or herself. “Unicersity Of Laugh” Should become a personal adventure for every visitor.”

 “You will feel neither overdose nor under dose of humor: it’s just holding temperature, at the vital level…”

Date of Premiere: December 25, 2010
Duration: 105 minutes, without intermission
Ticket Price: 19 Gel
Tours In: Romania, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan.

Play News

- 5 November 16