The Basement

Johann Wolfgang Von Goette

In co – production with The Basement Theatre, Georgia
Dedicated To the Memory of Goga Khechinashvili

Director - Levan Tsuladze
Sets and Puppet Designer - Nino Namitcheishvili
Choreographer - Gia Marghania
Music Adaptation - Zura Gagloshvili

Keti Tskhakaia, Kakha Abuashvili, Beso Baratashvili

Megi Elbakidze, Tea Kitsmarishvili, Maia Maziashvili, 
Nino Namitcheishvili, Maia Sulkhanishvili, Sofo Khizaneishvili, 
Malkhaz Gabunia, Zurab Gagloshvili, Besik Kupreishvili 

About Performance:
‚ÄčThere is a special patient in asylum - every day he lives the life of Doctor Faustus. And calms down only when gets special injection...

“... There is witchery in Notting Hill, where Georgia’s Basement Theatre has taken up a residence as part of the Gate’s East Goes West season.
... This is enjoyable and occasionally breathtaking piece of theatre. Super manipulation combines with some devilishly imaginative puppets and there is a really witty musical soundtrack that can be ironic, smoothly seductive in 50s crooning style or romantically soulful.”
“... This is not really a puppet show but a show with puppets...
The sense of spectacle is elaborate and yet, at the same time, there is a fantastic sense of humor in the characterization and staging. Above all, it is a show: from the lighting to the costumes, from set to the special effects, everything is calculated to delight and surprise. “
“Dynamic and highly visual, FAUST combines the astonishing artistry and skills of Georgian Puppetry with dramatic lighting effects and a witty soundtrack to create a delightfully macabre spectacle...”


Duration: 65 minutes, without intermission
Date of Premiere: April 5, 1999
Ticket Price: 14, 16 GEL
Tours In: Germany, UK, Tunisia, Romania, France, Poland.