Big Stage

Yasmina Reza

Translated by Tamaz Goderdzishvili
Staging Director - Temur Chkheidze
Designer - Iuri Gegeshidze
Composer - Givi Gachechiladze
Asistant  to director - Lia Mamiashvili

Mamia - Zura  Kipshidze
Sergo - Mikheil Gomiashvili
Ivane - Aleko Makharoblishvili


About performance:
Played by three actors, it is a "psychological comedy" about contemporary art  that will make  you smile.
Temur Chkheidze about the performance:
... I once said about this performance – it  would be just great if the actors are asked after the show, ,,OK, but It’s was not quite tangible: was there anything  that  the director added to this performance ?” I do not know, I can not tell you what’s the director’s contribution, or how it has to be. . Well, It depends  – it’s rather different from one performance to another. There are plays where the audinece should not gasp director’s presence. There are performances where the direcotor’s  presense should be miminmal . "Art" does not need any "metaphors". In other plays, metaphor may be neccesary. It would be the same as if one  says - where there is forte, there is a conductor and a composer, where there is  piano, there  orchestra is playing half-heartedly.


Date Of Premiere: 1999
Duration - 100 minutes,  without intermission
Ticket Price:
Parterre - 19, 16 GEL
Balcony - 14, 12, 8 GEL

Play News

- 26 November 16