The Visit Of The Old Lady

Big Stage

Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Director: Alexandre Eloshvili
Artist: Irakli Avaliani
Choreographer: Gia Marghania
Assistant director: Tamar Pruidze



Ketevan Tskhakaia
Gia Roinishvili
Valeri Korshia
Guram Jashi
Nino Dumbadze
Zaza Goguadze
Zaza Salia
Ana Sanaia
Beka Goderdzishvili
Irakli Chkhikvadze
Tengiz Papidze
Gvantsa Korshia
Giorgi Kiknadze
Nodar Doghondadze


About the Performance:
Friedrich Dürrenmatt's play The Visit Of The Old Lady was originally set in Sweden with Swedish characters, but in this edition of the play, it has been altered to be set in Georgia. Making this alteration was not difficult, nor did it include making any significant changes in the storyline. This is because people experience the same feelings, feel the same pain, suffer in the same way and become tempted in the same way in every corner of the world 
The Visit Of The Old Lady is an unusual play because it is about everything that would typically be considered good, such as love, honor and the love of mankind, but as if cast in a negative light. The play is like a raw, undeveloped photograph - the areas of the photo that should be white appear black and those that should be black appear white. Just like the photo, one cannot see white reality is really like until after "development".

Date of premiere: May 11th, 2016
Duration: 120min,  with one intermission
Ticket Price: 16, 14 Gel