The Roof

(Comedy in One Act)
Direcetd by Lasha Sherozia
Designer - Tama Chavchanidze
Composer - Irakli Chachua
Choreographer - Tiko Koiava

Lysistrata - 
Keti Chkheidze
Calonice - Lika Kobuladze
Myrrhine - Natia Gubenko
Lampito - Lile Pilpani
Nikodike - Ana Sanaia
Kalike - Gvantsa Korshia
Cinesias - Beka Goderdzishvili
Strymodore - Temur Kiladze
Drakes - Aleksandre Kurasbediani
Ambassador - Achi Odzelashvili

About performance:

"If you decide to keep quiet and listen, like we have, us, women, will fix you men!" - Lysistrata women, Are forced to take to radical forms in order to establish peace in the country, for the stopping of war and to the returning the men. The "sexual revolution" started by Lysistrata will make men see, that the revenge of women and being in war with them is far more hard. The revolution has taken place, men are signing a peace agreement...
But no one knows whether this century of peace will go on in the future or not...


Premiere willl be held on December 25, 2015

Ticket Price - 12 GEL