The Navigator

Big Stage

Lasha Bugadze

Directed by Levan Tsuladze, Ana Tsutskiridze
Stage Designers Levan Tsuladze, Shako Chagunava
Costume Designer  Nino Surguladze
Composers  Natalie Beridze, Nika Machaidze
Choreography By Tinatin Tsuladze
Video  Nika Machaidze
Video engineer  Zako
Assistant to Director - Nino Kalandadze

Temiko Chichinadze, Ana Vasadze,  Ana Grigolia, Nika Kuchava, Beso Baratashvili, Onise Oniani, Givi Chuguashvili, Kesaria Javaxishvili, Nodar Dzotsenidze, Irakli Chkhikvadze


About the performance:

NAVIGATOR- Reality and Simulation

Navigator is a story about a man well-adjusted to solitude - the story about Rostom, who is torn out of his comfort zone, out of his house, room, his habits and obsessions. 

Navigator is a story about a man, who is well adapted and even in love  with his inferiority complexes – Rostom, who considers himself as a dissent and fair, a man whose father constantly insists on him to get away from his solitude and create a family, until it is not too late; a man, who thinks, that his co-worker Clara will never like him, but encourages himself that he still has some kind of affair with her– in any case, Clara’s signs are meant only for him. 

Navigator is a story of compensations - when reality and imagination do not match each other and when dejected by reality “light” and a cute psychopath Rostom wants to escape it.  Because reality is new and stern technologies, co-workers without emotions and content, egoistic and passionless director, aggressive and bad-mannered parent, cold and arrogant Clara - and it is closed and unfriendly to him. 

Navigator is a story about navigator’s voice and Rostom’s love - woman’s voice, that indicates him road signs, becomes his one only and mostly important reality.  Since in Rostom’s empirical world anything else except navigator is plastic, artificial and simulate.

Date Of Premiere: October 3, 2017
Duration : 120 minutes,  with one intermission

Ticket Price:
Parterre - 19, 16 GEL
Balcony - 14, 12, 8 GEL