The Roof

Alan Garner

One Act Play

Translated by Tamaz Goderdzishvili
Directed by Temur Chkheidze
Designer - Iuri Gegeshidze
Musical Arrangement and Performer - Eter Zanguridze
Assistant to Director - Natela Shalikashvili

Melisa  -  Nani Chikvinidze
Andy  -  Gia Burjanadze

About Performance:

This is a story about love letters between a women and a man.
They have never met. ..
But this is a story - from their childhood to death, the story that unfolds in front of the audience.
The first love, the first kiss, marriage and disappointment, longing and the feeling of regret for the past life. This is only a short list of the feelings which the characters of the play are going through, and we - the audience are sharing the story played on the stage.

Date of Premiere: october 4, 1999
Duration: 100 minutes, without intermission
Ticket Price: 12 GEL