I had to kill her

The Roof

Iakovna Cabaneli's "Letter of the Osteeste" and Escile "Oreste

I had to kill her

Director and Musical Director – Temo Kuprava
Stage and Costume Designer – Barbara Aslamazi
Assistant to Director – Lia Mamiashvili


Klitemnestra – Ani Imnadze
Oreste – Paata Papuashvili
Eleqtra – Teo Aleksashvili
Servant – Mariam Tomaradze
Erinis – Ana Ingorokva/ Natia Chikviladze/ Mariam Gvinianidze


About Performance:
Why is Klimemnestra's husband killed? Why is it that the father of his children (Oreste and Electra) loves his beloved father? Why was he forced to do that? "Oreste, dear son, I know that my days are numbered, I do not see you come. I'm afraid I'll be late when it's too late that I can only hear from others what happened and not from me, who can know me better than me, I did it, no one could imagine what I was forced to do. . " 


Duration: 70 minutes,  without intermission
Ticket Price: 12 Lari