Human Love

Big Stage

Dimitri boguslavsky

Translated by Tamaz Imnadze
Director Nikoloz Sabashvili
Scenography by Barbare Aslamazishvili
Costume Design Keti Tsitsishvili
Musical adapted by Tamaz Imnadze
Technical director Nino Kalandadze 

Beka Goderdzishvili

Ana Sanaia
Zaza Iakashvili 
Zakaria Berikashvili 
Eka Mjavanadze
Ia Shugliashvili
Aleksandre Makaroblishvili
Ana Grigolia
Eka Makaroblishvili

Ketevan Kantidze
Paata Kvlividze



About the performance:
People living in a closed, fictional city become victims of social injustice problems. Depressed, inactive, obsessed with the fear of the future, entrusted with fate, they are lost in time and space - they wait for a better future only as a miracle and do not even take a step for it.
Loveless relationship leads their thoughts and fantasies towards the crual murder and even more crual cover-up of crime. 

Date Of Premiere: November 29th, 2016
Duration: 120 minutes, with one intermission
Ticket Price: 16 gel