Zurab Kipshidze

Actor of Kote Marjanishvili State Drama Theatre since 1998.

Now in Repertoire:

Sergo - Yasmina Riza "ART", Director - Temur Chkehidze

Performed Roles (Briefly):

"Martyrdom of the Holy Queen Shushanik" by I. Tsurtaveli,
"The Case" by A. Sukhova-Kobylin, "Don Juan" by Moliere,
"Our Town" by Th. Wilder,
"Bakula's  Pigs" by D. Kldiashvili - director M. Tumanishvili /
Tumanishvili Film Actors Theatre/

"Life is a Dream" by P. Calderon, director R. Sturua
Rustaveli Theatre/,

"Emigrants" by Sl. Mrozek, director Ir. Apakidze /
Theatre on Atoneli/,

"Father" by A. Strindberg,
"ART" by J. Reza, director T. Chkheidze /
Marjanishvili Theatre/

"When the Almond Trees were in Bloom", director L. Gogoberidze,
"Legend of Surami Castle", director S. Parajanov,
"Bagrationi", director G. Chokhonelidze
"Bravo, Alber Lolish!", director M. Tavadze,
"A Young Composer's Odyssey",
"Death of Orfeus", director G. Shengelaya,
"Information Express", director E. Shengelaya,
"Time of  the Dancer", director V. Abdrashitov,
"27 Missing Kisses" director N. Jorjadze

Honored artist of Georgia, Gran-prize of the Georgian Theatre Festival "Gold Mask", "Nika" award