Temur Chkheidze


In 1965, he graduated from the Tbilisi Shota Rustaveli State University of Theatre and Cinema, faculty of directing.

Brief chronology of his stages:
"Samanishvili's Stepmather" by D. Kldiashvili, 
"Yesterdays" by Sh. Dadiani, 
"Bernarda Alba's House" by G. Lorca, 
"Oedipus  the King" by  Sophocles, 
"Desire Under the Elms" by O'Neill, 
"The Power of Darkness" by L. Tolstoy 
/ Rustaveli  Theatre/

"The Sea, That  is Far" by Guram Odisharia
 /Sukhumi's Theatre/

"Ghosts" by H. Ibsen
"Haki Atsba" by L. Kiacheli
"Othello" by W. Shakespeare
"Jako's  Refugees" 
"Perfidy and Love" by F. Schiller
"The Crucible" by A. Miller
"Eternal Husband" by F. Dostoyevsky
"Father" by A. Ssrindberg
"ART" by Jasmina Reza
"Love Letters" by A. Gurney
 "Antigone" by J. Anouilh 
Brian Friel "Blind Visible" (Molly Sweeney)
Jordi Galseran “The Gronholm Method”
/ Marjanishvili Theatre/

Performances, directed by him in abroad:
"Jako's Refugees" by M. Javakhishvili, 
 "Antigone" by J. Anouilh 
 /Moscow Art Theatre/

"Perfidy and Love" by F. Schiller,
 "The Crucible" by A. Miller,
"Macbeth" by W. Shakespeare, 
"Masquerade" by M. Lermontov,
 "Maria Stuart" by F. Schiller 
/The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia/

Opera performances:
"The Lady Macbeth" by D. Shostakovich 
/The Bolshoi Theatre of Russia/

"The Gambler" by S. Prokofiev,  
"Don Carlos" by J. Verdy, 
"Mozart and Salieri" by Rimsky-Korsakov
 /Mariinsky Theatre/

"The Gambler" by S. Prokofiev,
 /The Milan La Scala, New York Metropolitan Opera/

Satate Artist of Georgia and Russia, 
Laureate of Kote Marjanishvili, 
Shota Rusataveli, Michail Tumanishvili awards, 
Russia's and Georgia's main theatre award "The Golden Mask",
"The Golden Gran-pri", and 
"The Golden Sophite"