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Cicino Kobiashvili


I don't remember what life means without theatre. for 42 years, my life path, purpose, thirst, fight and love has been the theatre! exactly the way you're blindly in love and your love is expressed by doing anything for your loved one to make them happy, but ask for nothing in return.. With my dedication and loyalty I profess my love to my theatre, my favorite stage and my actors every time. With my art I try to speak about love, life, faith and purpose of our existence on earth. Theatre has a lot of strength and it influences the audience, therefore I can say with certainty that, we should discuss and argue about humanly values to make people look deep within themselves and be a little better than they were before coming.

Cicino the daughter of David Kobiashvili.

born in 3/2/1956, Tbilisi

in 1976, She graduated from D.arakhishvili musical college, degree of fortepiano.

In 1980, she graduated from the Georgian Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University, Faculty of Acting. the same year, she started working in the Marjanishvili Theatre as an actress and in the department of stage speech as a lecturer.

In 2000, she graduated from the Georgian Shota Rustaveli Theatre and Film Georgian State University, Faculty of Theatrical Directing

She laid Lili Ioseliani's Workshop. in 2006-2007 she graduated in the faculty of movie directing (Mr. Rezo Esadze workshop)

In 2008 she started working as a director In the Marjanishvili Theatre  and still is.

My plays:

The yellow woodpecker by Monteiro Lobato- 1998, Berikebi

Jay wedding by Vazha Fshavela - 1999, Berikebi

The twilight of a crane - 2000, on stage of the theatre institute

 Fairy of daybreak by Alejandro Casona- 2001, Marjanishvili Theatre

Curve Mirrors according to E. Razumovskaia - 2002, Liberty Theatre

Free Love by Dario fo - 2003 Basement Theatre

The rain- Seller by Richard Nash - 2004,Tumanishvili Film Actor’s Studio Theatre

Dario Fo "waiting for you, Sweetheart" Atoneli Theatre

Alejandro Casona “Seven Calls in the Ocean” Marjanishvili Theatre

Neil Simon "The Women" Marjanishvili Theatre and Ukraine, Poltava Academic theatre

Hans Christian Andersen "Snow Queen"  Marjanishvili Theatre

Neil Simon "The Men" Marjanishvili Theatre

Dario Fo "Stay Away from my Wife" Marjanishvili Theatre

After Chaderlos de Laclos "DANGEROUS RELATIONSHIPS" Marjanishvili Theatre

 Aldo de Benedetti "Sublimation of Love" Marjanishvili Theatre

William Shakespeare " The  Tempest" Marjanishvili Theatre

 Avqsenti Tsagareli "Khanuma" Ukraine, Poltava Academic Theatre